Working away from home can have its perks, excitement and thrills. However its still working and being an employee on a cruise ship is just fun probably for the first week or so. Until the reality sets in that its just work and there is hardly anytime for play.

Thats the story I got from a stunning young lady in Makati in the city of Manila, Philippines last week. Jess has been at sea for about a couple of years working long hours, pulling a good money however at the expense of stacking on lots of weight and having no fun.

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How to work part time and earn extra income in Philippines

She said that at first seeing the beautiful blue sea all around her was fun. Setting sail away from land and seeing the sunsets at sea was even better. But she was working and had no one special to spend her evenings with. After all her boyfriend was back home in Manila and her life was just work and work. Her spare time was around the ship crew smoking and sometimes drinking. Pretty boring correct.

Around this time an old classmate of hers kept messaging her via Facebook saying how she had started a business from home and how exciting it was. This got Jess intrigued to the point that as soon as she got off her ship she came home to have a look. That’s how she found network marketing and the company I am in.

She was attracted to MLM because of the even playing field. here she could build something that could last for years. Her approach is similar to that of Lyn whom i wrote about recently. Her too salted to the company with everything she had. Not letting anything go by without understanding it.

While the boyfriend works at his engineering job and supports her part time, Jess is building her networking business. She has a definite vision and knows what she wants.

Unlike many people I know who try MLM and when they don’t see results they opt out, she just keeps going on. She knows that failure is just a part of success. Its the ‘ying to the yang’ of life.

I admire this young lady too for her focus, determination and passion for life and helping others.

As I write this post towards the end of 2017 I wonder how many of Filipinos will read this by chance. If you are one of those people let me ask you what are your plans for this next 12 months in 2018. After all its just 10 days away now, as today is the 21st here in Manila.

What are your plans for your life? Do you have any for that matter? is it going to be a series of parties, booze-ups and then back to work in January of 2018?

Are you looking for some direction in your life? Are you just fed up and want to work on your own terms? Want to work part time and possibly work from home right here in Manila.

Can I help you? Can I coach you so that you can possibly be a few steps closer to your dreams for your life.

If this is you drop me a note and i shall msg you back and lets catch up for coffee in Greenbelt, Makati.

Have a beautiful day

This is Claude Fullinfaw


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