Good morning Friend!

What value can I offer you today as the week comes to a close. It’s a lesson I learned this morning from my friend John Maxwell.

Lesson is – Who are we drawing into our inner circle. Page 131-132

This chapter is helping me shape who I am, what I am creating and where I will be. Hope you get value from this too ?

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             Team Work

Most people create an inner circle of people. However, they are usually not strategic in doing so. We naturally tend to surround ourselves with either:

1. People we like or
2. People with whom we are comfortable.

Few people give enough thought to how those closest to them impact their:

A. Effectiveness, or
B. Leadership potential. ?


How can we use this lesson in growing our business today? What changes are needed?

Who are the people we are inviting to partner with us?

Based On the above can we work differently?

More on this topic coming soon.

Until then think strategically today on

1. how you can attract the right people with the:
a. right mindset,
b. right skills,
c. right connections
to partner with you.

Where are these people and how do you get them “Working With” you?

Reflect and see what changes in your approach- selection process that needs changing today.

Hope I brought value to your day today ?

Claude Fullinfaw

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