college students part time work brisbane
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college students part time work brisbane

This is an email I sent to a young man in Brisbane to help him gain more confidence in his dreams. I hope it can help you too.

GOOGLE + if of value 🙂

Hi David years ago when I started in my home based business I had just lost over $300,000 dollars at age 43 in my traditional business running restaurants in Brisbane. I had no money, I was in a bitter divorce and was a wreak.

I wanted to change my life so badly and start to turn things around. I had a very strong WHY! I believe you have one too. And I believe in your WHY – Helping family & your Mum.

I had no idea where to look and who to ask for help. The very people who I trusted were themselves struggling and could not really give me sound advice. Here is my story —  Hope you can gain strength from it too.

My friends whom I approached said a big NO to me. They said it would not work. They had either done things like that in the past or they knew of people who failed at similar things.

Yes I was dis appointed that they did not want to join me in my journey in network marketing. I asked myself should I listen to people who were Failures or should I seek people who are successful in this business. After all we all want to follow successful people.

So I decided that those family and friends were not the correct people to listen to. I still loved and respected them. Just did not want to take their advice where my future was concerned.
But my dream was far bigger that they crushing NO at that time.
I did not want to settle for second best in my dreams.

My friends dreams were just to go to work everyday, have 2 days off and sit around the TV or barbie and talk about wives, Girl friends and how bad the boss was to them. I wanted more.

These friends had settled to live in average homes, in average suburbs, drive average old beaten up cars and send their kids to average schools. They had stopped living their dreams years ago. They just wanted average.

I wanted more. So do you from our talk last week.

Well like I said I am going to the Top in this company and you can keep me company and we get to the Top together. Wouldn’t that be fun 🙂

Now maybe you don’t have $900 to get started. Imagine its just $900 to change your future yet right now its just too hard to – get your dreams into reality.

Instead of probably saying to yourself “I don’t have that sort of money”, ask yourself ” how can I somehow get that type of money, $900, so my life can change for ever”.

Thats what must be asked.

I do believe you have currently responsibilities and money is hard but all the more reason why network marketing should be the answer. I don’t believe you cant find the money. Lets me creative and brain storm about how you can shall we.

I would love to mentor, coach and lead you to success.
TXT me on 0422442029 and lets talk as Rome was not built in one day. Yet it someone had to lay that first stone for the city to be built.

If your family’s future is to change dramatically then working an average job is certainly going to take you more than a lifetime to get you to where you want to go. You need to take that first step. lay that first stone – have faith I am here to help.

I can get you to that dream in less than 2 years. By age 29 you will be a super star in this company and a leader for young men and women not only in Brisbane but world wide. The company will fly you free all over the world just so you can share your success to others so they too can do what you did. Just imagine yourself standing on stage in 5 to 7 years talking.
That can be you. 🙂

I believe in you David.
Lets talk. Claude


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