Good Morning Friends

This morning as I read an article about the limits of a one man show it reminds me so much of my early days in marketing. Like many people I thought doing things by myself was the best way to get results quick. Sadly in network marketing or any business it doesn’t work like that. We need to empower people and help them embrace our vision so that it becomes the team’s vision.

Without empowerment and passing on vision, skills and knowledge to the team you can never walk away from your company for too long. People wil lose momentum, direction and passion as they have never been empowered. With your absence the company will soon fall apart and all your efforts and past victories will fade away. What a reminder it has been for me reading this note by John Maxwell that its never a one man show.

Claude Fullinfaw


The John Maxwell Company wrote:

“John, we have a problem.”As a leader, you get used to hearing those words. Challenges are a daily part of leadership. However, when this time when I heard them, I felt my stomach drop. I was young and had just left the church in Hillham, my first position as a leader. I had moved to a new opportuni

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