In my opinion teaching can effectively be the most rewarding career of all. ?

Teach, coach and mentor people to effectively work part time. ✳️

Now they don’t have to leave their jobs if they don’t wish to. ✳️

Part time work for students in Brisbane
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Learn how to earn part time in Brisbane

Instead …

What you help them create is a back up income stream which adds value over and above what they currently do. ✳️

This back up income is a security plan just in case if things do go wrong at work, which has been happening so much today, then you can fall back on this income for sure. ✳️

It creates peace of mind. ✅✅

Now …

Imagine teaching just four students to succeed in life and getting a 15% matching bonus on that student’s weekly potential earnings each and every week when they should earn.

Imagine part time weekly those students earn at least $3000 collectively. At 15% matching you earn $450 a week bonus. That’s an additional $23,400 a year extra for you as a bonus for teaching someone to succeed in life. Interesting ?

Remember that’s over and above what you earn in weekly commissions.

That’s the secret behind network marketing.

Empower others first ? The rest will follow ?

Claude Fullinfaw

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