Are you a mum in Brisbane? Well will you get excited if you learned how a working mum managed to start working from home in less than one year?

This mother is a Filipino who worked for a company  all day long in the office. After a while she realised she knew quite a bit about the business.

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Mums Looking For Entrepreneurship

She had enough. She wanted to count her own money. But the issue was she was the employee and going out and starting a business from scratch is scary. After all businesses have risks too.

She had very little …

  • Money to invest
  • Time to devote outside her present job into a full time business,
  • Experience in business to go out on her own
  • Haf no staff handling experiences, nor
  • Advertising experience to bring in new business

Knowing her limitations she started to look around and then a friend introduced her to the USANA Business Opportunity. All her above limitations were no longer limitations anymore.

Today this lady is a multiple six figure dollar income   earner. I heard her story just two weeks ago while visiting the Philippines when she spoke on stage sharing her business journey.

Simply amazing!

Would you like to have a similar business, a home based business in Brisbane, Queensland where you can work part-time, have low capital investment, low monthly running costs (virtually zero 0r close to it) and the earning opportunity to potentially earn a high five or six figure income. The beauty is doing it part time.

Drop us a line and we love to hear from you.

Claude Fullinfaw

Stafford Heights

Usana Gold Director






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