I am excited as I read the article by John C Maxwell. He talks about leadership at a total new level. Leading out!

Not within, not across, not up. But Leading Out.

I can apply this to my life right now as I grow within my local business community in the BNI Aurora Chapter in Brendale, Brisbane. I can also associate this leading out leadership principle to Toastmasters International as I grow in my position as Area 3 Director in District 69.

Our communities are crying out for leadership, for guidance. People are confused with uncertainty more so today that ever before.

I am sure this leadership will have positive impacts on the communities I work in as I progress through 2016-17 and the benefical impacts I will bring to many people soon. I am excited.

I suggest you read up on the artilce by John C Maxwell below.

Claude Fullinfaw



The John Maxwell Company wrote:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written to you about the concepts of leading up, leading across, and leading down. I hope you’ll explore the whole series, if you haven’t already. All of these ideas are explored in my book The 360° Leader, and I’ve been blown away by so many of the comments left on the

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