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Listening to John Maxwell’s monthly seminar the other reminded me that there is no such thing as “everything is good right now“.

Things are great because of the work done in the months or years just gone pass. Its like the seasons in a year. Life has seasons too.

If we prepared well and do what is needed we can also have a great harvest. Its during harvest time we feel life is great only if we had a good season. But remember that life is not constant. It ever changing and we need to keep planting and sowing, weeding and fertilizing the next growing season to have another great year ahead.

Here are stories of people who planted well too.

Click here to watch them speak!

Claude Fullinfaw



More about what I was talking about is below …

The John Maxwell Company wrote:

It’s officially March, which means that winter is almost over, and the most anticipated season of the year is right around the corner. Many of us spend the better part of the winter planning for this time. Some people scramble like maniacs to get themselves into good shape. Some have been preparing

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