Nikki Robinson brought home how important it is to retail products in any home based business. This mum was struggling to pay her bills inspite of having a job and money being tight she started to look at network marketing companies as a way to supplement her income. More stories!

She went about selling products at first to family, friends and office members and eventually took it online with Social Media. Today she earns a full time income but working part time and interestingly its a 6 figure income.

Just imagine that!
If you want to know how Nikki did all this check the article out below.

Claude Fullinfaw
USANA Gold Director

Simon Chan wrote:


Your customers need to be comfortable with their decision. Nikki Robinson shares why you shouldn’t be out there to “get” their money. Also time management tips for the busiest of people

Who is Nikki Robinson?

Nikki Robinson had a tough childhood growing up. She was raised by a single mom who passed

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