A Story Of Two Friends

Claude Fullinfaw

Sharing About Leverage

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The Story Of Two Young Men

Here is a story of two friends. One worked really hard for his living. While the other did work hard yet he also worked smart. Read the story to see which one is you today in your life.

Imagine I was to build a large artificial fish pond in the province to grow fish for the commercial market. I decided that I will need an area of 1 hectare of land to be excavated to a depth of one meter and would need someone to get the job done for me. I am willing to pay market price for the job done well.

I am willing to pay 250,000 pesos or 6000 US Dollars to get the job done and looking for anyone who is willing to use a shovel to create a fish pond for me. The time frame I have in mind is a year. To create this asset I am willing to compensate the hard working person the 250,000 pesos (6000 US). Its fair isn’t it.

Whats Wrong With Just Working Hard

At first I have a young man from the local village who keen to do the job and gets the contract to complete the task in one year. I am happy because at last I will have a commercial fish pond to make money for my family, bring in extra income. In fact bring in passive income. I feel I have invested well in the efforts of this young man to create the wealth I intend to make for my family. With hard work and a years effort this hardworking young man will earn his wages to build my pond.

I Want To Grow My Business Even More

After second thoughts on market demand I decided to build a second fish pond. Now as the first contractor was busy digging the first hole I began to look for another person to help me. The word gets out into the village that I am looking for another contractor to dig the second fish pond.

Working Smart & Hard Hard

A young man, a friend of the first contractor comes along and ask to be given the contract. I agree and he gets the contract. Unlike the first hard working man with the shovel, this person decides to take 50,000 pesos or $1000 of the money he would collect and brings in a tractor to help with the excavation. In less than a week he has finished the job  and handed the empty hole in the ground to me. The excavated area is filled with water from a nearby river and fish are introduced into the pond to start to grow and thrive.

Saving 51 Weeks Of Hard Work For Same Results

I pay the man as promised and he then goes on to invest his earnings into buying 2 tractors to build 2 fish ponds in a week for other people in the region.

While this is all happening the first contractor is still busy digging the large hole in the ground with his lone shovel. He is using his own efforts to create his income. It takes him another 51 weeks to get the job done.

A question for you: Do you want to lose time in your life trying to earn your income using a system that creates no leverage for you?

Now going back to the second man, should I pay the second man the amount I promised him? After all he finished the job so fast it is possible he doesn’t deserve to get paid as much as the first. Since he did not exert so much effort to get the job done and he did it so fast. What do you think I should do? Should he get the 250,000 pesos for a job well done?

Do you think the second man not only worked hard but he worked smart too?

The Power Of Leverage!

What you just seen is the ‘Law of Leverage‘ at work. The tractor is the the tool or lever which create leverage that the man used to do the least amount of work to create the maximum amount of results in the shortest amount of time.

Leverage creates speed and simplicity of work or activity of performance.

If you are reading this post and feel right now in your life you do not have the level of power of leverage working for  you need to get to your goals in the fastest amount of time connect with me and I shall send you more information on how to use leverage to your advantage.

I do run monthly ZOOM webinars that you can tap into for free to learn more about how to work smart and hard as well.

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Claude Fullinfaw
Chef Turned Entrepreneur

PS: Once I was a chef owner of a restaurant in Brisbane. I was like that man trying to dig myself a nest egg mostly by myself. Today I use leverage to create wealth. I use network marketing as the principle to create the lifestyle I desire.joker123